A range of solutions

Manual Makers provides a range of solutions to address current and future documentation challenges including content creation, consolidation, and transformation of existing materials into new mediums. Our solutions offer a range of options from the highly customized to semi-custom. 

Employee Training Manual

New businesses start out with the goal of hiring the best people they can find. And the best people want to be well trained, so they can do a good job. We develop training curriculums that cover everything they need to know, so we can help them help you!

Policy and Procedure Manuals

Go ahead, name a policy. We’ve written it, from how to handle a flash mob to the best way to rub a pork butt. We’ve developed employee policies, operations procedures, and recipe guides.

School Policy Guides

School administrators and governing boards are naturally in need of exact, yet flexible, standards and guideline documentation. School manuals are heavy on policy, setting expectations for students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders. This is not only necessary in mitigating legal risk but also in reducing ambiguity and documenting standards. We work with you to be clear and concise, bringing best practices from other schools and systems similar to yours.

While policy sets the tone, procedures provide the actions necessary to ensure student/teacher safety, compliance with regulations, and consistent paths to discipline, among other things. We help you arrive at the right amount of detail and to distribute in ways that are useful to those who need them, when they need them.

We have first-hand experience as teachers, administrators, and in-school board governance to help you focus on what is most important.

Emergency Response Guides

The ability to respond quickly in an emergency is of great importance to any successful business. We’ve created custom Emergency Response Guides for large retail, hotel systems, and small businesses alike. If you are a resiliency consultant looking for a robust back office solution to producing plans and materials for your clients, we’d love to help. If you’d like to explore the Resiliency consulting services of our sister company, check out Risk Resiliency.