It’s not about throwing out everything that came before, it’s about leveraging technology in a way that makes sense for your content.

Scalable and Flexible Content

Your audience is probably tapped into the latest technology, and we can get your content directly into their hands. We’ve delivered content for clients via apps and epubs, wikis and intranets, Trello boards, Slack bots, html content, and everything in between. We are constantly testing and strategizing to meet new technology opportunities.

Have you been trying to manage 47 Word documents spread across multiple drives and now you have to make that one edit to that one bullet point, but you have to do it in 15 of those 47 documents and you’re not quite sure if you capitalized Store in all of them? Good content strategy can help.

We’re predominantly a Madcap Flare shop. We love Flare because of how it manages long and complex content and gives us the flexibility to design for a variety of delivery platforms. We can give you content as a PDF, a printed book, and a fully-functional HTML5 website all from the same system. It’s like a Transformer! Is it a semi-truck or is it a higher life form sent to save us? It’s both!

Friend, we have been there. There is a better way.

Especially important for our clients who need to solve content across an entire system is the ability to localize and scale at the same time. Do you need to call that thing that takes your shoppers from one floor to another an “Elevator” in North America and a “Lift” in the UK? We can even call it a “Hiss” if you are lucky enough to have locations in Sweden. All within the same system. Do you have compliance requirements where one site needs to say one thing but other sites have to say something else? You do not need different documents for this, you just need to be able to condition your existing content so the right stuff is seen by the right audience.

Content management is the process of putting your content into a system that manages it for you from a centralized repository. Content Strategy is designing information so it’s easily managed.

Need Print Design?

For projects that require a high-level of design or have unique print requirements, we use the full Adobe suite of products.

We speak fluent printer and can help you understand your options. We know die cut is not something that happens on a medical show, and we’ll help you understand how aqueous coated is not a B-rate superhero.

Do you use Trello? Slack?

We’re fluent in emoji. We can even make you a bot that will pull up a document, if needed. Say, for example, you have an important client trapped in your Hiss in the Stockholm office, and you need the procedure for freeing her. We can make you a “stuck Hiss” bot that will pull up your elevator entrapment procedure. Do you want a Trello board for franchisees that links to your Operations Manual? We can do that!

Want to Kick it Old School?

And of course, we can use Word, Google Docs, etc. Some of us who are in the “elderly” category can even remember how to use WordPerfect. Our content management system can convert Word documents and easily knit them into the system we’ll set up for you. If you’re interested in having us maintain your content over time via our retainer program, we can set up a system of editing to keep your Word documents up to date.