Your team wants a guide through the forest of content strategy & organization, and we have a map and a flashlight.

Neat Stuff

One of the things we love most about helping our clients is all the neat stuff we get to learn. We’ll get deep into the weeds of your business and your process, so we can do the heavy lifting of making you shine.

Are the experts on your team too busy (or too terrified) to document their process?

If you’re the kind of person who has a head completely full of the amazing stuff you know, but you become paralyzed at the keyboard then we can help. We document the knowledge of every subject matter expert on your team. We’ve sat on barstools in the back of house writing down every step the line cook takes. We’ve gone on hood cleaning calls to really get how a service visit works. We can hold your hand through the forest.

Bootcamps are magic days where we sit you down and open up your brain

We offer clients an opportunity to experience Bootcamp. This is a time when you come to our office, and we take away your phone and make you talk.

“It was great to be able to sit down and discuss our needs and tailor the project to our company.” – Bonnie Spencer, Marketing Manager, Smokey Mo’s BBQ

Bootcamp Advantages
  • You’re busy and running around actually operating your business. You’re on the phone every five minutes, firing off emails. Or, if you’re one of our restaurant clients, you might actually be standing in front of a fire. You don’t have time to return our questions or read the content.
  • Coming to our office for focused sessions gives us efficient time together.
  • We put your content up on our big screen and edit it live. You can talk, we can type, and the magic happens.
  • We have snacks! And chocolate!
  • Our office is in a neat neighborhood with cool restaurants. We know you really want to come experience exposed brick and endless coffee.
  • Typical Bootcamps are 2–3 days.