We didn’t start out to become the world’s expert in document design, management, and distribution, it just sort of happened that way.

A Specialized Skillset

Words matter. Even more so when you are a teacher of teachers. A love for words led to degrees in English and teaching, which led to creating policy and procedures to teach teachers the best ways to teach. Document design is imperative to communication and learning, and these are our roots.

It Begins With a Garage

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Opportunities are everywhere, and we like to seize them. Creating marketing manuals for start-up brands led to applying that knowledge to restaurant operations manuals. Turns out, good documentation is also good sales material. We went from one brand to another, then to national brands, then to multi-unit operators. Today, our franchise client list includes restaurant brands and operators, hotels, senior care facilities, and retail apparel stores.

Right place, right time

What happens when a literal fire drill at a school creates a metaphorical fire drill for process development?

It’s a long story, but it afforded us the opportunity to apply the same methodology of create/manage/distribute to larger and larger companies, expanding our knowledge base and increasing our capabilities. We now have operations all over the continental U.S., as well as in Europe and Asia.

A matter of scale

We work with companies of every size in many industries, and we’re able to do this because the methodology is the same regardless: create the document based on known use-cases, organize the information to be flexible and scalable to accommodate change, and distribute the information in ways that are useful to the intended audiences.

The one thing that all our clients have in common is a commitment to building a document system that anticipates growth and change.